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I am practicing my daily walking, learning how to really walk,

swing from the hips, etc. 

Jaspar, my English Springer Spaniel, is with me.

We are in front of Candyland, where Jaspar barks at the Snoopy sculpture in front of the store.

I am laughing, enjoying this absurdity.

Suddenly, one of the young men, from the incident on Monday comes up with a big smile.

All dressed in royal blue- from his baseball cap to his Nike’s.

He asks: What is your dog’s name?

I reply: Jaspar Obi! How is Isaiah?

He replies: Isaiah is cool.

And, we hug each other….human.

That  same night, there was a shooting on the bus

on the corner of Minnesota + 5th.

FIVE- the # that means LOVE.

Monday night, 11 March:

I am witnessing the flow,

the sky of Charles Lloyd.

I love his person,

his intellectual and creative inquiries,

his sonics- his all…

From: Catherine Johnson <catherineljohnson@earthlink.net>

Subject: What color? What difference does it make, 911! Human !
Date: March 5, 2013 12:42:12 AM CST

What a day. I was shocked .

Please read below.

It was a MOMENT

– the teenagers did NOT know what to make of me.

And, quickly, they could sense and see I was watching over them.


Meaning of Isaiah: Isaiah \i-saiah\ as a boy’s name is pronounced eye-ZY-ah. It is of Hebrew origin, and the meaning of Isaiah is “salvation of God; the Lord helps me”. Biblical: one of the major prophets and writer of the Book of Isaiah.

I do NOT understand people who watch and do not step uP.

No moral courage.


Here, just this weekend, Rep. Lewis of Georgia

walked again from Selma to Montgomery

This time he was met with the Sheriff of Montgomery
– 52 years after he was brutally assaulted,
THIS time he was embraced and amends were offered.

Rep. Lewis was just a young man, 20 y/o  on the first walk.

Living in the hospital we were ALL horizontal, wrapped in linen- no  other flag was raised by us except compassion.
This is not my first story like this…

I enter in.

Call out the better angels in our nature.

I do NOT understand why people insist

on creating boxes,




The best music calls out the rhythm of the heart,

which is in the center of everyone’s body

– the beat of being alive.

Love is an energy- NOT a marketing category.
The BEST artists break through and transcend boundaries- they are vehicles of the heart, the divine, the animal, the angel.
ONLY illustrators FOLLOW convention and keep within the confines of convention OR create another genre.

Innovators welcome it ALL!


Break through confines of color, creed, gender, age….all artifice.
Each of us are unique- an internal universe, NOT an external appearance.

Soul is NOT bound!

Creative courage.
Moral courage.
Artists’ only muse is integrity NOT followers!
Yes, fans, fans….but, fans who resonate with their creation, not sheep, blindly following the one who they think is giving them food.
Food not fuel.
Grateful for RC’s gift of Netflix as my hands and leg, thus, whole body, is undergoing a re-modeling, a revolution and new neureo-pathways are exploding open. Hard, hard work. I am watching 2 to 3 episodes of Law & Order every night!
There was one episode titled SANCTUARY- which is a must see.
The episode in Season 4 pitted Jew v. Blacks.
I lived in NYC.
Martin Scorsese’s Little Italy- Mulberry Street between Canal and Hester.
I dated a man from Senegal-educated at Oxford.
His family built the infrastructure of his country.
Dating him was a scene from Spike Lee, that is:
Giotti’s, my  Italian-American neighbors, response to him courting me.
Yet, this man did not have the anchors and ships of wounds of American slavery tied to his ankles.
When he was in water he could float, and not sink due to the weight.
I know the internal story of having all taken away- a story of being born and immediately placed in a body cast.
I had to ask for water, food, a bedpan.
You do NOT know me IF you only look at me.
I do NOT know you, IF I only look at you.
Rise uP.
Step uP.
Break through beyond yourself, your fenced in caverns, your narrow lenses.
My templates: Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King, Jr., and  artists who challenged and opened new worlds of living, perceiving, experiencing, thinking, behaving, etc.
I am working on sonics, since my fingers are still numb post-op- snaking improv sessions with Dan.
My writing and percussion with his bass and sound engineer capacities. Layers and layers.
Nice temporal and spatial mash-ups.
Here is  my WordPress ( I have over 18,500 viewers)  for the “TEXT” exhibition:
Be well + HH ( HaPpY + HEALthy)
From: RC
Subject: Re: What color? What difference does it make,911! Human !
Date: March 4, 2013 9:15:30 PM CST
To: “catherineljohnson@earthlink.net” <catherineljohnson@earthlink.net>


From: catherineljohnson@earthlink.net
Subject: What color? What difference does it make, 911! Human !
Date: March 4, 2013 7:15:05 PM CST
Reply-To: catherineljohnson@earthlink.net
I was leaving post office on Robert + 5th around 4 pm.
I was practicing my walking- and, I  brought Jaspar with me.
I looked down the street.
Minnesota + 5th.
A white van stopped + kids jumped out, ran across the street
Lynching + someone was kicked down +  was repeatedly kicked in the  head.

I called 911.

I report: I have witnessed a beating! Please send squad car immediately to Minnesota +5th!
The dispatcher asks do you want to remain anonymous?
No! I reply. I am a citizen. I give them my name.

The dispatcher asks: WHAT COLOR ARE THE THEY?



The dispatcher continues to ask: WHAT COLOR are they
 I continue to say: YOU are wasting time!
I told you: HUMAN! Teenagers I think from their agility and what they are wearing.
I keep on the phone as I move quickly toward the scene with Jaspar, my dog, in tow.
The dispatcher asks: what are they wearing?
I respond: Jackets and hoodies- it is winter!
I tell the dispatcher I am moving toward the scene.
The person whose head was kicked is now standing.
I have First Aid training from the YMCA.
The dispatcher implores: Do not! You may be injured!
I reply: I have assessed the situation. The attack has ended.
The victim is  standing and there are a few people around him.
The dispatcher asks: Should we send an ambulance?
I reply: I said the victim was thrown down and was kicked in the head repeatedly! YES!
The dispatcher: Okay.
I arrive  and the bus security are there calling 911.
My call came in first.
I tell the victim my name and I have First Aid training.
He tells me his name is Isaiah.
I ask if I may examine him.
I examine him + I hold Isaiah to keep him warm.
Shock, possible concussion.
He is bleeding and his eye is bashed and swollen shut.
I find out one of the bystanders is his brother wearing a New Orleans Saints hat.
Another is Isaiah’s friend who is wearing a baseball hat- all in royal blue- hat to shoes with dread locks, and he wrote down the van’s license plate.
I tell him: Brilliant! Very level headed, very smart!
Isaiah, his brother and his friend tell me the story.
We wait for the police squad car.
We wait for the police squad car.
We wait for the police squad car.
A woman comes out from office building once she watched me me on scene.
Why did she stay inside, watching from a bird’s eye view, until she saw me?
Because I look white?
And, she looks/is white?
She crosses the street  in only a long black sweater, and tells me: I saw everything as she crosses her ams around her body to protect her from the freezing temperatures.
I continue to hold Isaiah and his friends who were first confused about my presence began to warm to the fact I cared.
They began to tell me the story.
A white van stops suddenly and about  10 kids come flying out and jump Isaiah.
I ask is it gang? Drugs? What’s up with that?
They tell me they do not know.
They came up from behind and Isaiah was on his phone.
A girl is crying.
We wait for the police squad car.
We wait for the police squad car.
We wait for the police squad car.
Finally, a police squad car comes. One officer. She talks with Isaiah, with me, with his brother and his friend.
The EMS arrives.
They ask Isaiah: How old are you?
Isaiah replies: 18.
EMS says: Your  eye is swollen bad. We can give you an ice back. Do you want to got to the hospital?
Isaiah stammers: I don’t know.

I intervene: He was KICKED repeatedly in the head!

EMS: Are you his relative?
I reply: No. Head injuries surface later! His eye is bashed in. There is blood!
My response: I start taking pictures with my cell phone.
I do NOT like the dismissive attitude.
Absolutely do NOT like the dismissive attitude.
My taking pictures made the EMS nervous, and they took off.
Police officer brought him into  the US Bank lobby and asked questions.
I came into the lobby and stood in front of Isaiah as the officer interviewed him further.
Isaiah began to cry when he saw me.
He thanked me.
I said ABSOLUTELY. WE watch over one another!!
I told Isaiah the symptoms of concussion.
I went outside + I talked to his brother + told him symptoms + to seek medical care.Jaspar was amazing.
Perfectly calm during the mayhem. He calmed all around him.
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